Add Comfort to Your Ride in 2021 --3D Air Cushion Portable Seat #World Premiere

(The road ahead may be long and winding, but there’s no reason it can’t be comfortable.)

You work hard to provide for yourself and your family. Sitting in an uncomfortable seat isn’t practical; it can impact your body and even your wallet. If you sit for long periods of time—on the job or elsewhere—you may experience pain, discomfort, numbness, or swollen feet. Your health and safety is important, and dealing with these symptoms is getting old fast.

We know how you feel; after years in the seating business, we’ve deeply researched the misalignment associated with sitting in chairs, seats, and positions that are not ergonomically correct. That’s why we’ve engineered the Comfort Cushion: a simple, cost-effective orthopaedic solution that’s easy to use. It slips over the top of a standard seat in a truck, plane, boat, or even deck furniture so you can relax over the long haul.

By distributing weight across a larger surface area, the comfort cushion improves blood flow to your lower extremities and reduces pain and numbness. It’s simple, lightweight, portable, and improves your quality of life. Take the most comfortable cushion for a test drive today.

Comfort supported by science

Whether you’re on a long haul trucking journey, working overtime as an equipment operator on a job site, or packing parcels across town, our lightweight and compactable cushions are engineered with your comfort in mind and backed by plain science.

Comfort Cushions are designed for all vehicles, from Peterbilt and Kenworth rigs, to city delivery trucks and vans, to 400 ton Caterpillar and Komatsu haul trucks. They’re also ideal for pilots, commuters, and travelers navigating the skyway or ocean or braving the 9-5 traffic grind.

Because we believe success can be measured by comfort, we ensure our values align in every aspect of our company.

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The airbag pressure cushion has been designed by a team of product designer, engineers & clinicians to provide the next level in pressure care. The air & bubble combination helps to counteract the major causes of pressure injuries for the high risk patient;

  • Pressure
  • Shear
  • Friction
  • Temperature regulation

The hand-press airbag cushion is designed to provide a multi-stretch & breathable contact surface to reduce moisture & further reduce shear & friction. 

We guarantee our cushions. If within the first two weeks you are not satisfied with the level of comfort, please contact us, and we will arrange the return shipment after confirmation. Upon inspection, if the cushion is in its original condition, we will gladly issue you a full refund. 

How do comfort cushions work?

Comfort Cushions’ engineered design supports the body effectively with its 3-D spacer, developed to mitigate shock and vibration and provide stab protection as well as beneficial cushioning properties.

Immersing the body into the seat cushion distributes the body weight over a greater area. This significantly minimizes the high pressure points, improving blood flow to and from your lower extremities, and decreases discomfort or pain related to a limited supply of oxygen to your tissues.

With your comfort in mind, we tested and designed a comfort solution using a BodiTrak pressure sensing mat to evaluate support in our test subjects before manufacturing the perfect cushion. Comfort Cushions’ 3D engineered fabric adds support to a range of seat cushions that are common in trucks, buses, and heavy machinery.

Distributes weight and reduces high pressure points.

Technically speaking, 3-D Airbag Comfort Cushions improve pressure points over original seat covers by 70% to 100%

Practically, this has given hard-working truckers and other heavy duty operators the support they need to navigate the road, meet tight deadlines, and work long overtime shifts. Adding comfort to the journey has even extended some of our customers’ careers by mitigating the common aches and pains they were dealing with on a daily basis.

Manufactured with a breathable three-layer fabric technology, Comfort cushions remain cool and dry, even after a long day in a hot environment. Once you reach your final destination or clock out, you can also simply fold up your cushion mat after outgassing, pack out, and carry on easily!
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