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  • Benefits of Using Seat Cushions

    Removable and portable cushions not only can help your drives be more tolerable, but these pads can be carried with you if you are traveling and need to use them somewhere such as an airplane, a train, or an office. Much more convenience! For heavier or elderly users, the added cushioning can be the difference between a drive or ride feeling agonizing, or it then becoming quite comfortable.
  • How to travel easily with a lot of items in car?

    Getting tired of always losing stuff under your seats? Would you like to retain trash free, wonderful, and organized back seats?worry no more! Back...
  • The car is not only a means of transportation, but also a new way of life

    Camp Mode is a feature that gives owners the ability to skip the hotel room and stay within the confines of their all-electric vehicle for the nigh...
  • Add Comfort to Your Ride --New Experience of Charging

    If you’re looking for a wireless phone charging car mount that’s easy to use and charges quickly, this car charger mount is an ideal option.
  • Wireless charge, Phone-case compatible, Magnetic and applied for 99% phones

    New Experience of Charging --Put my NOKIA on, have wireless charge in car.
  • How to relieve from long sitting? --You May Need One Mat Like It

    How long do you sit every day? Data show that most people spend more than 8 hours a day sitting with driving for 1 to 8 hours, work or study for 8 ...

    When considering pressure management for a patient at risk of pressure injuries, pressure ulcers, wounds or skin redness (sometimes referred to as bed sores) traditionally two things have been utilised in response:

    • A specialist mattress or therapeutic surface such as an air alternating or low air loss mattress.
    • Pressure cushions e.g. air alternating, gel, foam-based cushions.
  • How Fantastic Is An Air Seat Cushion?

    #THE UNIQUE EDITION UP-TO-DATE# --Edition No.1 Decompression Artifact What is the differences between existing cushions and this 3D cushio...