How to relieve from long sitting? --You May Need One Mat Like It

How long do you sit every day?

Data show that most people spend more than 8 hours a day sitting with driving for 1 to 8 hours, work or study for 8 to 10 hours, and sitting play for around 3 hours.

How is your sitting affect you?

With inappropriate sitting, pressure on the waist while sitting is 1.4X as standing, and 7X as sleeping. Pressure on your buttocks, tailbone, and backbone finally turns to hurts and illness. Imbalanced force also leads to O-leg formation and hip joint pains. With appropriate sitting, the pressure can be half reduced. Scientists under this circumstance insist sitting state is essentially important. 

When you realize the importance of sitting influence, you do need a good seat cushion to prevent these problems. Fit to thighs, hips, and legs, naturally relaxes and promotes blood circulation. And a cushion was created for that in 2020, developed jointly by physical therapist, rehabilitation therapist and Japanese product designers. Delicate for computer long time users, prolonged study, people suffering from neck, shoulder, and waist discomfort due to long-term improper sitting posture. The product was originally designed for the Japanese people who spent even longer on average daily sitting. But we gradually found this is a global raising demands as sitting inappropriately caused a lot health problems. 
Spending over 180 days of designing and revising over 20 times, 30 times of hardness testing is only for a different cushion, really practical and actually effective. Making an airbag seat mat a patented cushion is our first step, now we want to widely share this product as we can.
  • Fifty-six mutual air bags breathe freely
When people sits on it, the air bag circulation works as anti-gravity decompression effect, releasing the spine load.
  • Increasing the force area on the buttocks
With cushion area: 430x460mm, increasing the pressure area of buttocks, reducing the pressure of blood vessels and nerves in the buttocks, preventing keratosis, hemorrhoids, and other phenomena.
  • Curving buttock, shaping a healthy hip
Airbag of airflow decompression for hip reduction force to help contour the buttocks, preventing pelvic luxation. Plain cushion, flat flared; 3D cushion, more plump.
  • Advantages among other type of cushions [Optimizing in every detail]
Not hard and airtight, can be washed, longer life span, hard to deform after a period of use, easier operation for hand-press inflation. Press and inflate freely, adjust airbag saturation according to carrying weight. This operation is also helping relieve psychological stress. 
Silicone anti-skid particles on the bottom layer to prevent the cushion from shifting and slipping off.
Superb fit technology of three-dimension, jacket tight fit with TPU, steamed buns-shaped shape, full and comfortable. Delicate wrapping of fine stitching, bag edge technology, sturdy and resistant to unraveling.
Strong configuration, rolling tested by car and gravity with no air leakage or rupture. 
Product design team member all came up with good optimizing ideas, a massage mat, a super strong seat, a breathable cushion, release pressure for buttocks, and brain and heart, friendly to the old and people heavy in weight, portable, washable, etc. Now it comes with great quality, and you may need one as well. 
Tell us if you have more demands or advice. We're still on the way to do better.

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