SMORE TECH (SHENZHEN) CO. LTD, the predecessor of E-Geeker China was found in 2016, focused on helping people to live a better and more comfortable life with providing useful in-car and in-office gadget products. WHO ARE WE? Geeks? Not all! We're technical founder and also fans, focusing on globally promoting the latest multifunctional, creative and patented car supporting products since 2019. We value a healthier life and work style. We also successfully launched new stand and holder project, and made decompression air cushion (universal usage with supper quality design) world first in 2020.
What's past is prologue. After 2020, we hope to be committed to becoming the most sustainable light life creative technology team delicate for driving experience. Keep world premiere with Light Life Driver. Relief and belief in 2021, we shall make it together.

Find us

  • For general support and customer service, please send email to info@e-geek.com.
  • For business cooperation, please send email to egeekerofficial@outlook.com.
  • You can also call or message us at +1 (213) 797-0883.
By growing bigger and stronger. We presently have partners from the USA, UK, France, Japan, Korea, etc.  Welcome more passionate talents to join us!
    YES! WE'RE LOOKING FOR...(Long-term recruitment)
    Excellent web developer; Aesthetic designers and global professional customer services, etc. Work with us is surely another way of relaxation.
    If you have more good ideas for us. Please send your information directly to egeekerofficial@outlook.com. We're about to get back to you in 24 hours.
      You are always welcome (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧!